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Red WitchName doesn't seem to match the ingredients, but give it a try.  It could be that I've confused the pernod with Red Wine - why not try both for that truly Gallic taste?

1 pint of Guinness
1 measure of Pernod or Red Wine.

Busker's BonusA real December belly warmer.  Especially effective after a few hours busking on the streets of Manchester.  Great drink, shame about the doubtfully named American bourbon!

1 pint of Guinness
1 measure of Knob Creek

Irish Car BombThanks to Billy, somewhere in the USA, for sending us this one.  Not so sure how the name was derived!  Please note 'half' pint of Guinness, or a 'glass' as I believe it's often referred to, and also special drinking method. 

Half Pint of Guinness
A shot glass with half Jamesons and half Bailey's.
Drop shot in the half pint and go to town!  Best to chug, otherwise you will have a curdled mess on your hands. 

The Guinness GIT A very refreshing number. Ideal for a summer's day in the garden. If you don't want to get shit-faced you can omit the gin. Can't see the point myself, though.

1 pint of Guinness
1 measure gin
1 Indian Tonic

Guinness Punch

Version 1

Drink pint of Guinness, hit gobshite with fist

1 pint of Guinness
1 gobshite

Black BullA real perk up after 15 pints

1 pint of Guinness
1 tin of Red Bull

Dublin Milk Shake Pleasant one this, although I couldn't drink more than five or six on the trot. Tastes surprisingly like a chocolate milk-shake.

1 pint of Guinness
1 measure Tia Maria

L'Eau d'Liffey Very zesty little beverage, this one. If you don't like oranges though, don't even think about it.

1 pint of Guinness
1 measure Cointreaux

Black Custard Made with a bizarre creamy liqueur Jim brought back from Spain, which tastes uncannily like Bird's powdered custard, although I suspect its supposed to taste like Bailey's Irish Cream.

1 pint of Guinness
1 measure Creme Catalan

Method Take swig out of pint of Guinness.
Pour in chosen "tart's drink".