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Born out of busking duo, John and Joe. Jimmy joined, in May 1987, for a talent night at Siddal Cricket Club, where they were promptly bottled off the stage by the astute locals. Things have gone down-hill ever since, particularly with the addition, over the years, of Gerry and Dave.
Shawn (Bing) joined the band in late 1999. He started playing drums at the age of 14 when he got a snare drum while in hospital for an op to untwist his knackers (please don't ask). He's played for such luminaries as Roberta Junk, The World Jones Made, Skin Flower, and the fabulous Neon Love Muscle. He met the band at a garden party in the summer of 99. I'd better point out that this wasn't the sort of garden party that the Royal family hold. It was just a party in... er... a garden.

Local pals, The Lager Barrells, took to the hills around 1999 and decided to play a few clandestine gigs in places like Pudsey, Wrose and Stanningley.  But the bad-taste police were on to them. Nick was arrested for perverting the course of music, and ended up doing a length in Armley! (Every night).  Nick was told he would be in the musical wing with the Mammas & Pappas, not realising this was a euphemism for playing mummies and daddies. Nick was rescued.  Posing as music psychologists, Belt of the Celts managed to stage a daring breakout whilst visiting 'Handsome Nick' as he was now know to his fellow inmates. Jim and Pete are still on the run whilst Nick is rehabilitating with Belt of the Celts.  Contrary to the bands long standing image, the boy can sing!  .

The band's sound began to change - well what I mean is they began to keep time thanks to the drumming, and the heavy beat drowned-out a plethora of bum notes and howl of tuneless harmonies.  The drums became part of the band, and with  Bing's occasional nights out with Lord Lucan, the band called upon Andy Garbutt and Stuart to sit in when needed.  Stuart and Bing now fill-in for each other, and the drums are now a main feature of the band, although the acoustic feel has not been lost. 

Things carried on blissfully until Oct 2009 when Bing decided to adbicate his throne and Stuart took over full time on drums as of January 2010. After 2 failed attempts the band were eventually able to bid Bing a tearful but fond farewell.
Playing mainly Irish music with a couple of half-decent English and American tunes thrown in (The Jam, Oasis, The Housemartins and Dean Martin, in particular). Without doubt the mainstay of our sets are the songs of Shane MacGowan, the underrated front-man of The Pogues for many years.
We aren't really in the business of lovingly crafting the original folksongs of yesteryear (not that we have anything against anybody who does), but are more about belting out the sort of songs that the drunk who sits outside your local railway station annoys you with, as you pass.
Mainly playing in the pubs and clubs around Halifax and Huddersfield, although occasionally a bit further afield. We do play the odd wedding ("odd" being the operative word here) and some of our best nights out (for us that is) are when we've bombed at posh nuptial celebrations. One at Leeds Irish Centre immediately spring to mind, where the audience of approx. 150 looked at us like something stuck to the bottom of their shoe. Nothing for it but to ship a skinful of Guinness and make sure they had plenty to remember the wedding for!
After the success of 'A Flat Back Four' released in May 1999, the band's second CD, 'Shabbey Road' was released early August 2003.

Over the years there are several people who've crossed our path whom deserve honourable (and in some cases dishonourable) mention. I talk, of course of;

"Mouse", the small merchant seaman, who has blindly, not to say deafly, tambourined his way through a couple of busking days, and who has a special talent for setting fire to his bollocks, once he's had a few beers. Doesn't seem the same without him.

Special thanks to all the people who've offered to act as manager or agent, when everything's rosy and are usually absent when its time to go to the bar. Foremost amongst these are Martin Hendrick, Kev Fozzard and Stores.

If you ever happen to be in the West Yorkshire region look us out (see the gig list). I'm sure if you've read this far and are still smiling you'll enjoy the night out.

Hope to see you on our travels, and may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead.